General FAQ:

Skill Premier League or PlaySPL is an online gaming app where you can win real money by being one of the top scorers in various tournaments running on the app. Everyday is a new tournament , players are allowed to play the game any number of times within the tournament time periods and set high score to win real cash and amazing prizes.
Users can download the appropriate app for your device from or from the Appstore/Playstore.Once it downloaded you can follow the onboarding screen to sign up your account using your mobile number. Signup and Creating an account is free and also get free SPL coins or Cash bonus during signup.
Referral code are sent along with site URL from friends or any promotional link. User can tab the “HAVE A REFERRAL CODE?” link from the login page. It redirects to referral code login page where user can enter “referral code” and mobile number for signup and receive the additional bonus.
When your friends signs up on SPL with your referral code, you will get the promo cash. Invite your friends to earn more promo cash and play more and improve your chances of winning.
No, current SPL platform is not designed for Desktop. Only for mobile( android and iOS devices).
Any person above the age of 18 years and NOT living in a restricted state of India (like Assam, Telangana, Orissa, Nagaland,Andhra Pradesh and Sikkim) can download and play real money tournaments of skill games on SPL.
SPL target on Gaming Genres like Arcade, Skill based, Adventure and other types of games. For ex, Fruit slash, 8 ball, 9 ball, Fishing, Motor Ride etc…

Tournament FAQ:

You can add cash to your SPL account using Credit/Debit card, Net Banking, 3rd Party Wallets, UPI etc.,. Using the cash you can register and participate in the tournaments.
Two different types of tournaments. Time bound and Life based. Time Bound- Within the time limit, you can set max score. Life Based :- You can play till all lives are ended. Until Lives are end, you can set the max score.
The rank is calculated by sorting the best scores of every participants across all their attempts during the tournament stipulated time period.

Two different types of tournament available in PlaySPL.

Pool Tournament :-

The prize pool and prize money breakup changes happened when more players register in the tournament. Minimum players are needed to register in the tournaments, if not, then the tournament will be cancelled and your entry fees will be refunded.

Guaranteed Tournament:-

Guaranteed Prize Tournaments are tournaments without a requirement on minimum number of players needed for the tournament. For example, in a tournament with 50 open slots and only 5 people have joined, the tournament is still valid and prizes will be awarded as announced. Unless otherwise specified, all tournaments generally are guaranteed prize tournaments.

Yes, you are allowed to join the tournament in between the tournament time periods.
Play and set high score and if your rank in the tournament is eligible for the prize money as specified in the tournament prize structure then you win. Your ranking is calculated based on your best score across all your attempt made on the tournament within the tournament period time and compared with other scores.

SPL Coins is the virtual currency used in PlaySPL. There are many ways to get

1. SPL coins, liste listed below:

2. Sign up bonus

3. One time bonuses for Profile updating

4. Watch video and Earn

5. Sharing APP link to your friend and get SPL coin

6. Add Cash and get SPL coin

7. Daily login get SPL coin.

Yes, you can play using PlaySPL coins and win Bonus Cash. Play with bonus cash and win real cash.
Yes, you can register the tournament in advance. Once the tournament starts you will be allowed to play in the tournament.
All published tournaments on PlaySPL can be played as soon as the tournament starts. Players are supposed to play before the tournament ends and the ending time is mentioned on the tournament list page and tournament detail page.
It depends on the tournament rules and configuration. Usually the Minimum players needed is 2.
No limit, You can play as many games within the duration of tournament time period. Unless specified Explicitly.
Sorry, once you have registered and confirmed the tournament fees and the money is deducted from your account then it cannot be refunded.
When n players tie on the same score, all of them will get the same rank and the next n-1 ranks are skipped. The total prize money of all the ranks that are taken by these n players is summed up and equally distributed among these n players.
Play and set high score and if your rank in the tournament is eligible for the prize money as specified in the tournament prize structure then you win. Your ranking is calculated based on your best score across all your attempt made on the tournament within the tournament period time and compared with other scores.

Wallet FAQ:

Easy way to deposit. Open “Add Cash” page and choose your amount, click “Pay Now” button then enter into Paytm payment gateway page. Choose any one of the type like Debit/Credit/Net Banking and deposit the amount in your SPL account. The amount will credit your SPL account. You can play on tournaments with your money now.
You can withdraw money from your winning cash from your SPL account. Your KYC must be verified before withdrawals can be processed. This verification is a one time process.Once your account is verified then you can start to withdraw your money from your SPL account.
PlaySPL Coins are only virtual currency. It can be used to play tournaments. You can play with PlaySPL coins and win. You can then withdraw your win amount from your SPL account.
In the withdrawal page, you can see minimum and maximum withdrawal amount per day. This is usually Minimum 20 Rs and Maximum 1000 Rs. One withdrawal request is allowed per day. Atleast one deposit need before make withdrawal request.
All your win money are leaglly real cash.. Your win money can be transferred from your PlaySPL account to your bank account / wallet account as withdraw. So KYC is mandatory as a proof of identity.
In case the payment is deducted, but the amount is not reflected in your PlaySPL account, don’t worry. Your money is safe in the banking system. These exceptions happen when banking payment gateways are facing some technical issues. In such cases, your bank could take 7–14 days to credit the refund in your account. Since this time is taken by your bank, we request you to please wait for this duration.
Refunds are only given in the case when a tournament is cancelled or revoked by the management for any unforeseen reasons. Refunds are returned back to the SPL account. There are no refunds given when a user misses his or her chance to play before the tournament ends.
Yes, if minimum players are not filled up in the tournament then the entry fees will be refunded and added to your PlaySPL account. You can see the details in the Transaction history page.
Currently, PlaySPL does not allow withdraw of Deposit and Bonus money. We only allow withdraw of winning cash.
Contact with your phone number and we will get in touch with you.
No hidden bonus. All bonus amounts will convert as a win.If you have joined a Tournament / Battle cash game with the help of 10 Bonus amounts (total Entry Fees of 50 Rs) and win rupees 80 in total, then 80 rupees will be your withdrawal win amount.
In our SPL we have different types of bonuses, each bonus will have its own expiry time. If this bonus is not utilized within that expiry time, the particular bonus will be expired and that bonus amount will be removed from your active bonus. Ex: For suppose "Tournament Bonus" expiry time is 7 days and you get that bonus today, If this bonus is not utilized in next 7 days that bonus will get expire, once expired you can't reuse it.

Technical problem FAQ:

All tournament type games are leaderboard model. If the tournament interrupted due to phone call, then the score will be updated where your game was interrupted. You are allowed to play the game any number of times within the tournament time-bound. So don’t worry. Play again and set a high score..
During gameplay, if the game is interrupted due to network failure then a popup message with a relevant message is shown. Your current game will end with the latest score. The SPL platform will keep on trying to reconnect you in the stipulated time interval, once it connects, the page will reload and you can play the tournament again else wait for network to re-connect.
No, you are not allowed to play in the tournament on multiple devices with the same account
Please contact support We will help you with the login process.
We are currently providing mail support only. Please contact
Your question is not listed here? Please write to us at and we will get in touch with you.