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What Is Rummy?

Rummy is a card game (the most popular card game in India to be precise). There are a number of different rummy variations out there but 13 card rummy is the most popular among them. Two players & a deck of standard cards (with jokers) is all that is needed for a game of 13 Card Rummy (the more the players, the merrier). The players are dealt with 13 cards each at the start of the game, the players deal the cards in clockwise direction. The objective of the game is to arrange the 13 cards to create winning sets, usually of 3,3,3 & 4 sequence. Once the 13 cards are dealt, one card is chosen in random from the remaining deck of cards as the Joker which can be used as a substitute while arranging sequences or sets. The game is played in a draw & discard manner, the players should come up with the best hand to win the game (we will see below).

How to Play Rummy

The players are dealt with cards after a coin toss and the player with the highest value card begins by drawing a card from the open/closed deck. Once the player picks a card from the deck, he/she should discard a card from his/her hand, thus maintaining the 13 cards in hand.

The cards can be arranged in 2 types:

1. Sequences &

2. Sets


When a minimum of 3 cards of similar suits are arranged in a sequential order it is called as a sequence.

Example: 5♠ 6♠ 7♠ 8♠


When a minimum of 3 cards of the same rank are arranged (regardless of their suit) it is called as a set.

Example: 7♣ 7♥ 7♦ 7♠


A Joker is a trump card that can be used as a substitute for any missing card to complete a set or a sequence.

But the player should fulfil the basic rule by having at least one pure sequence (a sequence without any joker) in order to declare the game.

Value of an Ace:

An Ace can either be used in the place of a high card or a low card according to the player's wish.


Players can form a sequence such as this A♠ K♠ Q♠


They can form a sequence like this A♠ 2♠ 3♠

But it cannot be used to connect the higher and lower cards together such as this - 2♠ A♠ K♠

How to Win the game:

The game ends when a player completes the arrangement of the 13 cards into sets or sequences successfully. The 1st player to declare wins the game, players should discard the final card before declaring.

The player who wins the game is awarded 0 points while other players' scores are calculated by summing up their unfinished sets/sequences value.

A player without a single pure sequence receives points for all the cards in hand. The objective of the game is to score the least.

13 Card Rummy Variations:

13 card Rummy has many variations with minor rule changes. The common rules including Sets, Sequences, Jokers, etc. remain the same. The scoring, the calculation of points of the winning objectives differ across variations.

Variants of 13 card Rummy

Points Rummy

Points Rummy is one of the most played versions of the 13 Card Rummy Game. The scoring remains the same while the points are assigned monetary value in Points Rummy. As per the predefined value of points, the winner receives money equivalent to that of their opponents accumulated points.

Deals Rummy

Instead of points, Deals Rummy is played with chips. The players receive an equal number of chips & the value of each chip is assigned as one point. For each game, a buy in value is assigned & the winner receives chips as per their opponents accumulated points for each deal. The number of deals per game is decided prior to the game. The player to win the most number of chips at the end of all deals is the winner. The entry fee of all the players is summed up & the winner receives it as prize money.

Pool Rummy

Pool rummy is yet another variant of the 13 card rummy game which has an entry fee. A maximum point that a player can receive until being knocked out is assigned to the game, which is known as “pool”. For example: 90 points, those who reach this point limit are automatically knocked out. The deals are also predetermined and the player who possesses the lowest point at the end of all deals wins the game. The entry fee of all the players is summed up & the winner receives it as prize money.

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