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About the Sequence Game

Sequence is a turn based game that is played on a 10x10 board of randomized cards. Use your skills to form 2 sequences by connecting 5 of the same colored chips either diagonally or across on the board. The first player to complete 2 sequences will win the game!

How to play Sequence online with PlaySPL

1. Each player is dealt with 5 cards at the start of the game

2. Any card that may be dealt to the players will have another two copies on the board

3. The player can choose one of the five cards in their hand to place a chip on any of the two copies of that same card found on the board

4. The goal of the game is to be the first to form two ‘sequences’

5. A sequence can be scored by placing 5 chips in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line

6. These must be consecutive and must not be blocked by opponent chips

7. Any one chip of a sequence can be counted as a chip of a second set in the case that they are joined

Sequence Gameplay

1. The gameplay occurs in a turn based fashion

2. Player 1 makes the first move and the turns proceed in a clockwise direction

3. Each player gets to make one move using a card from their hand per turn

4. The used card is then shown to other players and kept beside the player

5. This used card is immediately replaced by another random card so the player always has five options to choose from

Sequence Game - Special Features

Bonus Card

The 4 corners of the board are called Bonus Cards - a player can form a sequence with just 4 tokens if he manages to connect them from any of the four corners.

Crazy Jacks

The one eyed jacks: can be used to remove an opponent's chip from the board, but it cannot be used on completed sequences.

The two eyed jacks: can be used to place a chip on any unoccupied card on the board.

Dead-Card Swapping

Dead cards are those cards that are dealt to players when both copies of it on the board are already occupied. In such a case, players can swap dead cards for another random card and continue with their turn.

Become the first person to complete 2 sequences to win the game!

The Maximum Amount Players can Win

PlaySPL offers a maximum win amount of Rs. 1 Crore per day. With skill, players can earn huge rewards every day.

We wish you Good Luck!

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