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About the SnakesAndLadders Game

Snakes and ladders is a board game for two or more players. The game originated in ancient India as Moksha Patam, and was brought to the UK in the 1890s. This ancient fun game is played on a gameboard having numbered squares and your objective is to get to the 100th square on the board by rolling a dice.

How to play SnakesAndLadders game online with PlaySPL

The objective of SnakesAndLadders game is to reach the final destination number 100 from the starting number on board before any other player reaches there, through Dice throw. To skip lots of steps and get there faster you can use ladders. Some of them will bring you really further, but if you land on a snake's head, you will slide down. Climb up the ladders, slide down the snakes.

SnakesAndLadders Gameplay

The SnakesAndLadders game is an underwater theme based race game. Players can get submarine travel experience with Ups and Down.

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