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The Contest is offered through a platform owned or operated by the Operator and such platform could provide various modes of interface to the User (as defined hereinafter) including a mobile application or a web interface or such other modes as may be introduced by Operator from time to time. Such mode of interface which allows a user to participate in a Contest and otherwise avail of the Services is herein referred to as “App” or “Site” or “Platform”.

The Terms and Conditions together with the Operator privacy policy which are incorporated by reference herein are collectively referred to as the “Terms of Use” or “Services Agreement”.

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Important Notice

The contest is open only to Indian citizens, residing in India except the residents of the Indian states of Assam, Sikkim,Nagaland, Orissa,Andhra Pradesh,Tamil Nadu and Telangana.

Eligibility Conditions

Nature and use of the platform

Registration: You may register by approving and agreeing to this Agreement and providing Your registered mobile phone number along with your email on the Contest. You will be verified by Operator using a one-time password (“OTP”) system. Upon successfully verifying the OTP, an account will be created for You (“Account”).

By registering for an Account, You represent, warrant and agree that:

a) You fulfil the eligibility criteria as detailed in Eligibility Conditions Section;

b) You are using Your actual identity and the mobile phone number you have provided is registered in Your own name;

c) You will provide only true, accurate, current, and complete information about Yourself, including optional information such as Your profile photograph, cover photograph, user-id, biograph etc., on the Contest (“User Details”);

d) You will maintain only one account/registration with us and You further agree not to register falsely or under any pseudo name as a user and misrepresent any other user;

e) You will not share your login IDs, passwords and other confidential;

f) You will maintain and promptly update the User Details and other information that You provide on the Site to keep it true, accurate, current, and complete;

How to Participate

If You fulfil the eligibility conditions mentioned hereinabove, You may participate in the Contest, subject to these Terms of Use and in accordance with the following process:


Winners Announcement

Return ,Refund & Cancellation policy

Disclaimer and Legal Aspects


Applicable law and jurisdiction

SPL is operated by Operator in India. As such, the laws of India will govern these Terms & Conditions.

The User hereby irrevocably and unconditionally consents to submit any and all disputes pertaining to these Terms & Conditions to the exclusive jurisdiction of a sole arbitrator appointed by the Operator. The Arbitration shall be under the aegis of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996, as amended from time to time. The venue and seat of the arbitration shall be Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Limitations Regarding Gaming


Invalid games and forbidden behavior

Limited areas

Illegal behavior